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✨Yang Mi (as Bai Qian in Ten Miles of Peach Blossoms)✨

I need to say that it is very difficult to paint flatter faces without many details, or what people consider "imperfections" (such as dark circles, freckles, expression lines, etc.), like some oriental faces, it ends up being very difficult for me to put the type in contrast I appreciate, but for Yang Mi it's worth the effort. ❤

I believe it's no secret that I love Chinese productions (c-dramas) especially wuxia and xianxia, ​​and my favorite actress of all is Yang Mi, because she almost always chooses to play fierce and strong characters; and her beauty is something that truly mesmerizes me. I follow most of her work so it's only fair that I do a fanart of her, to try to capture some of her beauty in the picture.