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General / 06 May 2019

Terms of Service and Private Policy for Original Art Comissions - EN

All the Art which is commercialised is done digitally.

Prices may vary depending on the complexity of the image, the prices of the chart refer to the type of the image shown.

Animals are also included in the price chart above.

The order of preference is for the painting of busts. Characters in full body must be discussed by email so that the availability may be verified.

Prices do not include complex scenarios, except for some related to the Abstract or Fantastic.

Payment must be done via PayPal or bank transfer.

Any commission may be refused, depending on my availability and of the quantity of projects  which I am working. The acceptance and the deadline of the drawing/painting of all images are subject to my availability.

The briefing must be specific and detailed, preferably with photos of reference.

The goods are limited to people's pictures, original characters, animals and characters in general.

I don't do: caricature, porn, hentai, offensive images.

Payment is done with half of the price after approval of the sketch and the other half after the finishing of the image.

The time for each commission to be done averages out at about one and a half month, depending of the complexity of the image.


Reimbursements and modifications:

You have the right to small and simple modifications during the composition of the image as well as its finalization. Notwithstanding, there will be another extra charge of money related to any big modification that be decided arbitrarily, or if the quantity of simple modifications be very big (more than 6).

I shall reimburse any client for any image with the money which is due to the client, which was previously paid, if by any reason I find myself unable to complete commission.

Cancellations after any stage of the illustration will not be reimbursed.

All artworks are done for personal usage, and you may use them any way (without the alteration of the image itself) since you do not profit from the image. Any commercial use must be discussed after an agreement/contract with different prices.

As the artist of the image, I own all the copyright of all images, and that includes the advertisement (by myself) of the image in sites and social media as a sample of my own work.

The secrecy of the must be discussed in a contract, if necessary.

You can advertise the illustrations anywhere, as long as I am credited with links for site/social networks. Under no circumstances are you allowed to cut or conceal my signature of any image that I have made.